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Credit for the development of village, tourism and folk crafts in somoni, 24% per annum, up to 3 years

       Organization rates for date      
Code Currency Ask Bid
840 USD 9.6800  9.7000 
810 RUB 0.1490  0.1510 
978 EUR 10.7500  10.7900 
156 CNY 1.3600  1.4500 
Legal rates of National bank of Tajikistan to somoni
Code      Currency    Rates
840 USD 9.6929
810 RUB 0.1513
978 EUR 10.7727
156 CNY 1.3695



The Banking Service Center of the microcredit deposit organization FAZO S performs the following operations and services:

  • Transfer of funds at the disposal of customers;
  • The issuance of microcredit (secured and unsecured) and the acceptance of payments on loans and interest thereon;
  • Opening and maintaining a savings deposit account for individuals;
  • Cash transactions (including the adoption and exchange of old and damaged suitable banknotes);
  • Exchange operations with foreign currency;
  • Payment of interest and replenishment of a term deposit account with the condition of opening this account and storing money in a microcredit deposit organization or in its branch;
  • Providing consulting and information services to clients.

   BSC 1

Address: c. Dushanbe, area Firdavsi, Yakka Chinor street 56.
TEL: +992 44 600-0160
chief: Latipov Abubakr Asrorovich

   BSC 2

Address: area Shohmansur, Ayni 118
7th kilometer
TEL: +992 44 600-0170
chief: Amirshoev Tokhir Muzaffarovich

   BSC 3

Address: area Shohmansur,S.Ayni street 269
Market on the 9th killometer
TEL: +992 44 600-0207
chief: Yorov Sirojiddin Huseynovich

   BSC 4

Address: Republic of Tajikistan, Bokhtar, Norin St. 16
Market "Farovon" (Central Market)
TEL: +992 44 620-0140
chief: Farmonov Muhammadshohin Dzhurakulovich

   BSC 5

Address: Bokhtar city, G.Norinov street 19
Central Market
TEL: +992 44 600-0104
chief: Khazratov Bakhodur Abdulazizovich

   BSC 6

Address: Firdavsi district, Kahhorov street 111
Sultoni Kabir Market
TEL: +992 44 600-1903
chief: Gadozoda Umedai Mirzomurod

   BSC 6

Address: Tursunzoda city, P.Tojiev street 41
Central Market
TEL: +992 44 600-1905
chief: Shukurov Khudoynazar Huseynovich

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